Rocking Dayo



Hey guys, it’s been a while since I updated but I have been very busy!

1.) Last Vintage 8mm update added the option of choosing a real 8mm camera sound effect to add to your films.

2.) I’ve been hard at work at a new app (a game) and will be starting to show pieces of it in a month or so.

3.) Continued work on my pathtracer



Quick update on UniSky – keep an eye out for the re-release of UniSky around Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Thoughts on Orbx.js

Gotta rant this post: When I first heard about AWS offering a new GPU instance that streamed a remote desktop to a thin client JS decoder, I was excited. Easy, remote access to high-end GPU power through a desktop front-end seemed great. So naturally, I put together an instance and launched it immediately.

I understand we are talking early stages so it is too critical to criticize this early… but BLEGH. Here are my initial thoughts on why this was prematurely offered.

1.) This is supposedly for “zero (thin) clients”, yet mobile browser support isn’t there yet. We’ll wait until next year for that.

2.) On my laptop with a good connection, the control felt disconnected and inconsistent. At times it was smooth, at times it wasn’t, and that lack of consistency makes for a very distant feeling that no 3d artist or gamer worth their salt will enjoy.

3.) Switching over to wireless to check the performance, the quality degraded greatly to below 50%. Not even usable for me.

4.) It’s too expensive. Running a single instance full-time adds up to over $500.00/month. So maybe you don’t run it full-time, but the cost effectiveness for the hardware provided is not justified at this point.

Fall Promotion! 50% Off!

This Saturday and Sunday I will be running a promotion on the Vintage 8mm Video Camera app! Prices will be reduced in every country to $0.99 USD, which is 50% the original price.

On Monday this deal will be over, so make sure to check out the app this weekend and tell your friends :)

MP3 Bug Status and Sony Xperia Z1

Version 3.1 has fixed the MP3 bug on what seems to be mostly every phone that had the issue. If you are still having issues with it, please email me or send me a message through the “support” tab at the top.

In other news, I’m almost finished with an optimized version of the app for the new Sony Xperia Z1 phone. Sony contacted me and wanted to integrate the app with their default camera application, so a version highly optimized for this phone will be available at some time in the near future.


MP3 Bug (Vintage 8mm App)

A few of you have recently mentioned a bug that is not allowing you to add an MP3 to your video, so I just wanted to you let you know that this is being worked on and should be fixed soon. Thanks!

Save Settings and Pause/Resume Recording

Here’s an update on 2 newly added features to Vintage 8mm.

1.) All settings, filters, and effects are saved between closing the app.

2.) You can pause/resume recording, allowing you to have multiple shots/takes in the same video. Should open the app up to new creative possibilities!


Project Updates

Just a quick update on my current 3 projects:

1.) Vintage 8mm Video Camera – new version coming up this week with some new features that have been highly requested, such as saving previous settings, saving custom presets, and shooting in full screen.

2.) UniSky – in the process of cleaning up the code and improving the tool for its re-release. Looking to finish this in a couple of weeks.

3.) Unmentioned electronics project – A new project I started to get an introduction to hardware. Playing around with high voltages and capacitors and doing experiments that answer fundamental questions I have about electricity. Nothing exciting to mention.


The process has begun for transferring UniSky (a sky and weather rendering tool for Unity3d) over to Rocking Dayo. I was the originally creator of the tool while working with Six Times Nothing ( and for almost a year the support had to be delegated to that company as I didn’t have the time to do it myself.

Now the tool is being transferred back, and with this transfer comes support and a new version on the horizon (UniSky 3.0). This new version will be optimized and updated for Unity 4.0. Stay tuned!


Sharing ‘Vintage 8mm Video Camera’ Videos to Instagram

Now that the new Instagram feature allows uploading videos from your gallery, you can share your 8mm videos! This cannot be done directly from the Vintage 8mm app though, you have to open the Instagram app and select the video from your gallery using the Instagram app interface. Cheers!